Northern California Waterfront Engagement

July 5, 2022

Your engagement should be a time of celebration. A time where you realize that you get to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. One of the many reasons why I love what I do is being able to help couples capture these memories. These moments that they can cherish forever and look back on and remember every feeling, laugh, tear and smile. It’s what brings me the most joy and lights a fire in my soul. For Kat and Andrew’s engagement session, we wanted something fun and light-hearted but made sure to add their personalities any chance we could get. If you want to read more about their Northern California Waterfront Engagement, then keep on scrolling!

Rooftop Engagement

For Kat and Andrew’s engagement photos, they wanted to showcase their fun-loving and light hearted personalities. At the same time, they still wanted their photos to feel unique to them!

First, we started off their engagement session on the rooftop of a parking garage here in Northern California. I’m a big fan of rooftop photoshoots solely because of the type of vibes that they give off. They are very spacious and can give off a more laid back feel compared to other engagement locations. If you want to see some more engagement sessions that I’ve done on rooftop garages, check out this blog here!

Now, one thing you should know about Kat and Andrew is that they LOVE to ride. Ride motorcycles that is. Andrew brought along his Harley Davidson which of course I had to get these two on for the photos. Of course, when you think of motorcycles you’re instantly thinking of this “cool” persona, which naturally Kat and Andrew are. The motorcycle was the ultimate prop and clearly through these photos you can tell how much Kat and Andrew love that thing.

They kept their outfits relatively casual for the first portion of their engagement session to stick to that whole laid-back and casual theme that we had going on. We spent the first half of their engagement session running throughout the rooftop and capturing Kat and Andrew’s instant love connection. Their love truly did radiate through the camera… along with that sunshine! Did anyone else catch how beautiful it peeked through the clouds?

Northern California Waterfront Engagement

Shortly after to switch things up, we decided to head over to a local waterfront here in Northern California to get some more formal engagement photos. Both Kat and Andrew did a quick outfit change into more formalwear as we soaked up the beautiful waterfront views. Over in this area there are a ton of large rock formations which gave us a much more bohemian feel compared to the urban feel of the rooftop garage.

Kat wore this beautiful floral red dress while Andrew wore a neutral colored tones to compliment her pop of color. Trying to figure out what to wear for your engagement session can seem like such a difficult task. Questions like “what do I wear” or “is this appropriate” or “is this too much” probably run through your head a million times. In all honesty though, picking outfits never get much easier – LOL. However, I wrote a blog post that helps give you tips on what to wear to your photoshoot. Chop filled with tips and tricks to make sure that you are dressed to impress at your next photoshoot. To read all about that, click here!

We kept shooting until basically the sun was almost down, but at that point we really had begun losing track of time. Hanging out with Kat and Andrew was so much fun and their photos came out just next level amazing. Take this as your sign to make your engagement session fully and completely yours. While of course we are going to be photographing your beautiful love story, don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Do something different, add in different props, be goofy & silly and most importantly be yourself. This is the true secret to making sure your photos come back looking authentically yours!

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