California Rooftop Engagement

June 16, 2022

So if you’re reading this, it probably means that you’re engaged. If not, it means that you are currently in the middle of fantasizing about your soon-to-be engagement which is totally fine too! I mean don’t we all have that “wedding inspo” board on Pinterest? Speaking of Pinterest, you can follow mine here! When it comes to engagement sessions, we often think that they need to be in some beautiful lush garden or somewhere “fancy”. WRONG! Your engagement session can take place just about anywhere. The local diner, your own backyard, and even a rooftop in the city. Nick and Monique had the most killer California Rooftop Engagement and I just HAD to share with you my thoughts.

California Rooftop Engagement Photos

So fun fact my husband, Ryan, and Nick are best friends! They have been friends since elementary school! I met Nick back in the college days, so years later it’s safe to say I know his style pretty well. For their engagement photos, they wanted to keep it pretty laid-back, casual, and go with the flow. Sign me up, please! While typically you don’t think of your engagement photos being taken on a rooftop, don’t knock it till’ you try it.

Monique wore this incredible emerald green blouse and this bohemian-styled brim hat. She looked absolutely AMAZING and I was quite jealous of how stunning her outfit was. To not clash with her statement-colored blouse, Nick kept things very simple and neutral with a plain white button-up. This was ultimately the PERFECT move for them. A lot of my style when it comes to taking photos of my couples incorporates a ton of movement. Those blurry type photos we have all come to love and adore? Yeah, movement. I try to have my couples consistently move throughout their session to avoid those stiff and “posed” type images. The more movement that you do, the more natural your photos will turn out! We spent the entire time running all around the rooftop and whoever says that you can’t get a workout in as a photographer was completely wrong – LOL.

Engagement Outfit Tip

One thing to note too is how props and accessories can truly make a difference during your session. As I mentioned before, Monique had this beautiful light tan brim hat that she wore on and off throughout her session. Something as simple as changing your hair, adding a hat or jacket can really transform your look. Especially if you don’t have time to do two outfit changes, something simple like that will really do the trick! If you’re looking for more outfit tips on what to wear to your engagement session, you can check out this blog here! I give you all the tips and tricks to make sure that you are rockin’ it in front of the camera.

I had such an amazing time being able to capture this special time in both of their lives. Not only that, but I have the honor of capturing their wedding in September of this year – woohoo! Be on the lookout for those photos on IG, @alicialaurenephoto, because I just know it’s going to be epic.

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