Backyard Spring Wedding in Napa Valley

June 9, 2022

You know, there are sometimes when I really take advantage of California’s beautiful weather. I mean they don’t call it the sunny state for nothing! California is my home but it seems that every week I am learning about new and different locations. When Nicole and Vince first inquired with me about capturing their wedding, I was immediately hooked. Learning about their vision for their wedding day and how eager they were to get started on planning lit a fire in my soul and I was ready for just about anything. They had the most beautiful backyard spring wedding in Napa Valley, and I had the amazing honor of capturing every second of it.

Getting Ready

I started off my day by arriving at the Airbnb where Nicole and her bridesmaids were finishing getting ready. While I am with all of the gal pals, my second photographer went to go hang out with Vince and the rest of the groomsmen. This my friends is one of the MANY reasons why having a second photographer on your wedding day can be so important. While photographers haven’t developed the ability to teleport yet, we highly encourage having a second photographer there on your wedding day. A second photographer makes sure that every moment doesn’t go uncaptured. Some other reasons you may consider having a second photographer are:

  • You’re wanting coverage for both getting ready locations
  • You’re wanting extra/different angles of special moments throughout the day

So moral of the story, if you’re wanting a more elevated experience when working with your wedding photographer make sure you have a second as well!

During the getting ready process, I usually take detail photos as soon as I arrive. Detail photos are a great way to show off small keepsakes and mementos and help tell your love story! Some things to include are shoes, veil, jewelry/rings and your invitation suite.

A First Touch

It wasn’t long until it was time for Nicole to meet up with Vince for their first touch / to read their vows. A first touch is similar to a first look in the fact that you get to be with your partner before the actual ceremony. The main difference is ya know… the look part. A first touch is a chance for you to feel/touch your partner but you still have the surprise of seeing them during the ceremony for the first time. It’s a great option for those who still want some intimacy & privacy on their wedding day but still want the element of surprise!

As you can tell by looking through the photos, these moments can get pretty emotional. Nicole and Vince read their vows and there were a few tears shed. So moral of the story… always bring tissues. If not for you, at least for me – LOL.

Backyard Spring Wedding in Napa Valley

The ceremony was held in front of this beautifully done barn. The sun was shining, and the heat was blazing but it still was a day to remember. Actually, guests were given small umbrellas to help protect them from the sun which I thought was such a great touch. Before we knew it, the officiant was pronouncing Nicole & Vince married! We officially pronounce you The Signori’s – woohoo!


Luckily for me, I was able to sneak away Nicole and Vince to this gorgeous open grass area for some portraits. Shortly after soaking up the sun, we made our way back to meet the guests for the reception. Now, this is where the real fun starts! Nicole and Vince really wanted to focus on greenery and nature throughout their entire wedding. You will notice the beautiful floral centerpieces and little touches that helped tie everything together.

As soon as Nicole and Vince entered the room, they were greeted by the crowd cheering. They immediately hopped on the dance floor to enjoy their first dance as husband & wife. Before packing up my bag, I made sure to catch some beautiful moments of Nicole & Vince and their dances with their parents. These parts always make me tear up so much. It was a beautiful way to end a wedding day and I am so honored to have been there for The Signori’s! Cheers!

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Photography: Alicia Laurene Photography

Coordinator: Sydney Camille Events

DJ/Music: DJ Elements

Florist: Pico Floral

Caterer: Elaine Belle Catering