Hibiscus is my favorite flower. I fell in love with it's bright tones and huge petals. 

My husband & I were married on the big island. 

Thanks for stopping by my creative world. Most of my friends and family say I'm a free spirit with a huge passion for creating. I put my heart and soul into every design and love creating brands that represent my clients' vision. I promise to treat your brand like it's my own. 

My services include logo design, stationary, marketing, web design, photography, custom lettering and more. Whether you're looking to redesign a current logo or are just starting out, I can help.  Reach out & let's create! 

My name is Alicia and I'm the face behind Alicia Laurene Creative. I married my best friend on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We live in a small town between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. My creative passion first started when I picked up a camera. I was influenced by my sister who is a full time photographer. I grew curious and was fascinated with the idea of capturing moments.  I eventually decided to continue my education at Cal State Monterey Bay where I received my Bachelors in Communication Design.  Over the years I've developed my portfolio taking on freelancing jobs while working full time. 

My inspiration comes from everything around me, from natures color palette or the menu styling at our favorite breakfast spot down the street. Design allows us to communicate, show emotion and bring our vision to life. Let's connect!

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